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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Aptoryama, AptoryAma, Aptoryaama

Types of Yajñas

Yajñas or Vedic sacrifices are generally of three types:

  1. Pākayajñas in which cooked articles are offered
  2. Haviryajñas in which havis or ghee is the oblation
  3. Somayajñas in which the soma juice is the main ingredient of offering

Origin of Aptoryāma Sacrifice

Aptoryāma belongs to the Somayajñas category. It is considered as an extension of another somayajña, named the Atirātra. The rite derives its name ‘Aptoryāma’ from the belief that by its performance one secures whatever one desires.[1]

Fruits of Aptoryāma Sacrifice

However, it is usually performed by one who wants to obtain cattle of good breed. More than a thousand cows and a chariot with mules yoked are to be gifted away as a part of this sacrifice.


  1. Āp means to secure.
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