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By Jit Majumdar

Sometimes transliterated as: Arya, Arya, AArya

  1. noble; honorable; respectable
  2. master; auspicious; excellent; worthy; wise; eminent
  3. self-designator that originates in the ancient religious literature of the Indians and Iranians; speakers of Indo-Iranian languages that were designated as ‘ārya’ languages like Sanskrit, Avestan, etc.; a self-referential adjective of the ethnic groups of Indians and Iranians with the effective meaning "pertaining to ourselves."
  4. a positive/ edifying adjective/ honorific used in the moral sense to refer to noble qualities and behaviour and/or as a way of respectful addressing or praise, in later Sanskrit literature;
  5. a kind of marriage in arya society where the giving of a few cows along with giving away the daughter as bride is the norm, not as dowry, but as a part of the wedding ritual (M. Sańhitā).