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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Aryabhata, AryabhaTa, Aryabhata

Sages of ancient times excelled in both the spiritual and secular sciences. These included:

Among those sages, Aryabhaṭa is associated with mathematics and astronomy. Historians have discovered two Aryabhaṭas in their research.

Aryabhaṭa I (5th cent. A. D.)

He was an astronomer and mathematician who lived in Kusumapura (Pāṭaliputra). His work called Āryasiddhānta (laghu) is a concise work in four chapters. The gist of all the four chapters have been mentioned below :

  1. Daśagītikā - The first chapter comprises of ten verses in the gītikā meter and is introductory.
  2. Ganitapāda - The second chapter deals with several aspects of mathematics.
  3. Kāla- kriyā - The third chapter is concerned with the reckoning of time.
  4. Gola - The fourth chapter expatiates on astronomy.

Aryabhaṭa II (10th cent. A. D.)

The work Aryasiddhānta is attributed to him. It is in 18 chapters and deals with arithmetic, algebra and astronomy. Mahābhāskarīya seems to be another title for the same treatise.


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