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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Haridra-Ganapati, HaridrA-GaNapati, Haridraa-Ganapati

Haridrā-Gaṇapati literally means ‘Gaṇapati of yellow complexion like turmeric powder’.

Gaṇapati is a very popular deity even today. One of the important forms worshiped by the tāntrik sect is Haridrā-Gaṇapati. He is described as yellow in complexion and clad in yellow garments. He has six arms carrying:

  1. Pāśa - noose
  2. Aṅkuśa - goad
  3. Paraśu - axe
  4. Abhaya or protection mudrā or pose
  5. Varada or boon- giving mudrā or pose
  6. Krodha or indignation mudrā or pose

A murti can be prepared from powdered turmeric for worship. Since the word ‘mśā’ (= rātri or night) is another name for ‘haridrā’, this aspect of Gaṇapati is also referred to as ‘Rātri-Gaṇapati’.


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