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By M. A. Alwar

Gender of word

Indraprastham is a neutral form

Origin of word

It is derived from 'indrasya indrakīlasya prastham iva' which means "Resembling the peak of Indrakīla mountain".

Indraprastham as per Mahābhārat

Indraprastham is the capital city of the Paṇḍavas[1] and was built with the help of Māya asura who Arjuna had saved during the burning of the Khāṇḍavavana.

Then, those great warriors, having performed an expiatory rite in a sacred, auspicious place, built a city led by Dvaipāyana; a city decorated with trenches resembling the seas. That Indraprastha shone like the heaven, like a group of clouds penetrated and encapsulated by lightning.[2]

It is presently known as Delhi.


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