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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Indrayavah, IndrayavaH, Indrayavah

Indrayava is the bitter, pungent seed of the Wrightia antidysenterica, which is widely used in curing many disorders of the digestive system. It is effective in treatment of fever, dysentery, colic, bloody bile, piles, etc and derives its name from the parent tree Indravrkṣa. It is also called yava, because it resembles yava (barley corns) in shape.


Indrayavaḥ is a masculine form.


The word is derived from "indrasya indravṛkṣasya yavaḥ" which means 'The yava of the Indra tree'. It is named such because the seeds resemble to barley-corns. It is a bitter seed famous as indrayava – the seed of Wrightia antidysenterica.


The synonyms are:

  1. Kaliṅgam
  2. Bhadrayavam
  3. Śakrāṅkaḥ
  4. Śakrabījam
  5. Vatsakaḥ
  6. Vatsakabījam
  7. Bhadrajaḥ
  8. Kuṭaja
  9. Kuṭajabījam
  10. Kaliṅgabījam
  11. Kuḍacira vici[1]


As per Rājanirghaṇṭa

Rājanirghaṇṭa lists the qualities of this seed as:

  1. Pungent
  2. Bitter
  3. Cool
  4. Reduces phlegm
  5. Gas
  6. Blood and bile
  7. Cures burning sensation and dysentery
  8. Destroys fever and Colic

As per Amara

Amara uses this word in neuter form. As per him Kutajabija is also known as:

  1. Yava
  2. Indrayava
  3. Kalinga
  4. Kaalinga
  5. Bhadrayava

As per Dhanvantari

Dhanvantari says that sometimes it is known by the name of Indra. It’s fruits are known as Indrayava and Bhadrayava. The yava of Indra removes the disorders of the three humors:

  1. It is astringent/constipating.
  2. It is pungent.
  3. It is cool.

As per Bhavaprakash

Indrayavaḥ is digestive and conquers piles, bloody gout, bloody phlegm and colic.

As per Vaidyakadravyaguna

According to Vaidyakadravyaguna, its seed cures fever. It is bitter and cures bile-blood and dysentery.


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