Jagannātha Paṇḍita

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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Jagannatha Pandita, JagannAtha PaNDita, Jagannaatha Pandita

Jagannātha Paṇḍita lived in CE 1590-1670 and was the author of a well-known work on Sanskrit poetic the 'Rasagañgādhara'. Unfortunately the Rasagañgādhara is an incomplete work.

He was the son of Perubhaṭṭa and Lakṣmī. He belonged to Andhra Pradesh but spent most of his life in North India. He was the court pundit of Jehāṅgīr and Śāhjehān. Śāhjehān entitled him the honorable designation as ‘Paṇḍitarāja’.[1]

Some of his well-known works include:

  • Viṣṇulaharī
  • Gañgālaharī
  • Sudhālaharl
  • Amrtalahari
  • Laksmilahari


  1. Paṇḍitarāja is known as ‘the king of scholars’.
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