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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Nandipurana, NandipurANa, Nandipuraana

Overview on Purāṇa

The purāṇas contain a lot of material on the subjects generally dealt with in the dharmaśāstra literature. They have been traditionally grouped under two heads:

  1. The Mahāpurāṇas
  2. The Upapurāṇas

Each of the Purāṇas are 18 in number.

Origin of Nandipurāṇa

The Nandipurāṇa, also called as Nandapurāṇa, is assigned to the Upapurāṇas group. It is probably lost now, though a large number of its verses have been quoted in the Kalpataru of Lakṣmīdhara[1] and Aparārka of Aparāditya.[2] This purāṇa was probably composed during the 8th or the 9th century A. D.

Contents of Nandipurāṇa

Some of the interesting subjects dealt with in it are:

  • Ārogyadāna by starting and running free hospitals
  • Vidyādāna by running pāṭhaśālas or schools
  • Abstention from meat-eating


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  2. He was also of 12th century A. D.
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