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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Pusya, PuSya, Pushya

Puṣya literally means ‘the flower’.

It is the eighth nakṣatra or constellation comprising the stars gamma, delta and theta Cancri. Bṛhaspati or Guru is its presiding deity. It belongs to the zodiacal sign Karkātaka.[1] One who is born under this star will be ‘handsome, devoted to his parents and will specialize in theatrical arts’. Most of the sanskāras performed during the presence of this nakṣatra in the day are:

  • Nāma-karaṇa - naming ceremony
  • Upanayāna - investiture with the sacred thread
  • Vivāha - marriage
  • Gṛhapraveśa - dedicating and entering a new house


  1. Karkātaka means Cancer.
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