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By Swami Harshananda

Savikalpaka literally means ‘with details’.

The word Savikalpaka has two applications.

Meaning as per Pratyakṣapramāṇa

In pratyakṣapramāṇa[1] it refers to a perception with all the details. For instance, when we see a pot and note its general presence, it is nirvikalpaka perception, ‘Here is a pot.’. But when we closely observe its size, color, position and other details it becomes savikalpaka perception. It denotes ‘This is a small black pot kept on a table.’

Meaning as per Samādhi

As applied to samādhi, it refers to samprajñātasamādhi, wherein all the details of the object of meditation are seen and known very clearly.


  1. Pratyakṣapramāṇa means direct perception.
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