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The passing of the final test marked the completion of studies for a student. In the end, the student was given a ceremonial bath and then one would become a Snataka or the Graduate. This was an important milestone in a student's life. It was the period when the graduate had a new life and was known as "thrice - born".

On the completion of one's studies, the physician was "reborn" and acquired the title of 'physician' for no one would be a physician by birth.

On the completion of one's studies, the true spirit of revelation and inspiration descends into the student. The physician would be initiated and was known as "Trija" or "thrice - born".   The word thrice - born is explained as follows: 'The first birth is from the womb of the mother, the second birth is at the time of the sacred-thread ceremony and the third birth is at the completion of the medical studies and when one acquires a comprehensive insight of science. This stage would be known as thrice born - one.'