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Harita belonged to the galaxy of the six brilliant pupils of Atreya. He, too, is reputed to have composed a Samhita, but his work is not available.

Different Harita In History

  • There is a Harita reputed to have learnt at the feet of the great sage Jabali and to be the author of Dharma and Smrti books. Whether this Harita is the same as the co-student of Agnivesa is not certain.
  • Another Harita quotes from Vagbhatta, hence he is of much later origin.


Harita the pupil of Atreya, is quoted in many famous medical works and is often referred to as old Harita. He was a reputed authority acknowledged widely. The following specimen quotations selected at random, shows how widely, he was reputed as an authority.


  • The Caraka Samhita published by Shree Gulabkunverba Ayurvedic Society, Jamnagar, India