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Jatukarna, was the co-student of Agnivesa and a great medical author in the golden age of Ayurveda. He is also said to have compiled a medical treatise. Cakrapani quotes it profusely in his own work -- even preferring it over Bhela, as do many other renowned physicians.

Little, however, is known about him as a person as his original work was lost over time.  

Meaning of Jatukarna

The word Jatukarna as such means bat-eared. We do not know whether our Jatukarna had ears like a bat or whether it was just a proper noun without any relation to its derivation.

References to Jatukarna

  • In Satapatha Brahmana he is described as the propounder of Brahmavidya.
  • He is also a great seer whose name is reverentially used to denote a Gotra.
  • Jatukarnais also known as Jatukarna and is quoted in many famous medical works.
  • VyakhyaKusumavali contains many quotations from Jatukarna's work out of which only two are cited above.
  1. NibandhaSangraha:
  2. Tattwa-candrika:
  • Sivadasa quotes the different readings from Jatukarna in commenting on Palankasadyam Tailam.
  • Vagbhata liberally quotes Jatukarna in:
  1. VyakhyaMadhukosa
  2. Astangahrdaya


  • The Caraka Samhita published by Shree Gulabkunverba Ayurvedic Society, Jamnagar, India