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Graduation is not the end of education. After graduation,students prepared for postgraduation studies. Postgratuation is necessary and is clearly emphasized both in Caraka Samhita and Susruta Sambita. Student should constantly learn and strive to perfect his understanding and strengthen his scientific skills.

After completion of Postgraduation studies, one must strive to get ability for exposition, for fuller grasp of the meanings, for boldness, for dexterity in practice, for its constant study and success in the treatment."

Antagais signifies the student who had completed the routine courses. Besides the ordinary post-graduates, there were research scholars, who avowed to be life-long student. They were called" Naisthika Brahmacari". Post-graduate studies was not the end. In Medical science one always have to learn constantly and keep himself updated in knowledge and skills. Therefore the intelligent person who is aspiring to be a good physician should always persevere his best qualities of a physician, so that he can be a real giver of life to people.

Thou shalt act always with a view to the acquisition of knowledge and the fullness of equipment.

In the art of surgery it was necessary to have regular practice if one wanted to achieve success in the profession. Success is always achieved by a physician who is expert at practice. Hence he should constantly handle the instruments to keep up his efficiency.


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