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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Vrddha-smrtis, VRddha-smRtis, Vrriddha-smrritis

Vṛddha-smṛtis literally means ‘smṛtis with the prefix “vṛddha” ’.

Origin Inference of Word Vṛddha

Renowned authors of dharmaśāstra literature often quote verses from or refer to other authorities. Some of these have prefixes like Bṛhat, Laghu or Vṛddha, followed by famous names whose works are already well-known. For instance, there is a Haritāsmṛti. There are also two works called as:

  1. Laghu-Hārīta
  2. Vrddha-Hārita

These are available either in fragments or found quoted in other works.

Authors of Vṛddha Smṛtis

The following is a list of authors whose ‘Vṛddha’ smṛtis have been quoted in other works:

  1. Ātreya
  2. Bṛhaspati
  3. Gārgya
  4. Gautama
  5. Hārīta
  6. Kātyāyana
  7. Manu
  8. Parāśara
  9. Śātātapa
  10. Vasiṣṭha
  11. Viṣṇu
  12. Vyāsa
  13. Yājñavalkya

Most of these names find a mention in the Bṛhad and Laghu series also.


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