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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Vidyadharas, VidyAdharas, Vidyaadharas

Vidyādharas literally means ‘those endowed with the knowledge of magical spells’.

Like Kimpuruṣas and Kinnaras, the Vidyādharas are also a class of celestial beings. They are said to reside in the Himālayan regions. Skilled in several arts and sciences and endowed with magical powers, they are the devotees of Śiva. Iconographical texts show them as dark in color, wearing red garments. They have two protruding tusks. In their two hands, they carry a gadā[1] and a ḍamaru.[2] The buffalo is their vāhana or mount.


  1. Gadā means mace.
  2. Ḍamaru means hand-drum.
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