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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Vipaka, VipAka, Vipaaka

Vipāka literally means ‘ripening’.

Vipāka, General Meaning

This word means the ripening state on a general note. However, it is used more in a technical sense as karmavipāka or the ripening of the karma.[1]

Vipāka as per Yogasutras

According to the Yogasutras[2] of Patañjali (200 B. C.), vipāka of a karma results in three things:

  1. Jāti - birth in a particular species of living beings
  2. Āyus - duration of life
  3. Bhoga - experience of good and bad results

Vipāka as per Ancient Medical Science

In the ancient medical sciences, the word was used to indicate the state of digestion of food.


  1. Karma is the actions about to give their results.
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