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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Vratyastoma, VrAtyastoma, Vraatyastoma

Vrātyastoma literally means ‘praise of vrātya’.

This is a special kind of sacrifice to be performed by the vrātyas to be readmitted into the comity of the dvijas.[1] It consists of 4 ekāhas or Soma sacrifices, each spread over one day only. In each of the ekāhas, the Soḍaśastoma[2][3] are performed. The details of the sacrifice are quite complicated.


  1. Dvijas are the members of the first three castes.
  2. Soḍaśastoma are certain Ṛgvedic verses increased up to 16 while chantings
  3. Tāndyamahābrāhmana 17.1-4
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