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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Yadavaprakasa, YAdavaprakAZa, Yaadavaprakaasha

Yādavaprakāśa lived in Eleventh century A. D. He was a reputed teacher of Advaita Vedānta under whom Rāmānuja[1] studied for some time. Since Rāmānuja’s genius did not accept the dry interpretation of the Upaniṣads due to bhakti or devotion towards God, differences arose between them. According to one view, Yādavaprakāśa had planned to get Rāmānuja drowned in the Gaṅgā river during a pilgrimage but he managed to escape. It is said that later on Yādavaprakāśa became a disciple of Rāmānuja under the baptismal name Govindadāsa. The book Yatidharmasamuccaya is said to be his composition.


  1. Rāmānuja lived in A. D. 1017-1137.
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