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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Brhati, BRhatI, Brrihati

  • The Bṛhatī is a well-known chandas or meter of Vedic Samhitās. Out of 14 such Vedic meters, it occupies the 4th place. It has 4 pādas or quarters, with 9 letters in each pāda. According to the sage Śaunaka, as mentioned in his Chando’nu- kramani, there are 181 mantras in the Ṛgveda Samhitā composed in the Bṛhatī meter.
  • Bṛhatī is also the name of a well- known commentary by Prabhākara (8th century) on the Sābara-bhāsya. This commentary is a written by Sahara (57 B.C.) on the famous Mimāmsāsutras of Jaimini (200 B. C.).


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