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By Jit Majumdar

Sometimes transliterated as: Bhimasena, BhImasena, Bhimasena

  1. having a fearsome army; leader of a formidable army
  2. the formal name of: Bhīmasena I: the son and successor of King Sattvata of the Yadu Dynasty; Bhīmasena II: the son of Parīkşita I and the brother of Janamejaya III, who succeeded the latter on the throne of Hastināpura, the husband of Kumārī the princess of Kekaya, and the father of Ugrasena III (M. Bh.); Bhīmasena III: the most well-known Bhīma, the second Pāndava (M. Bh.); Bhīmasena IV: a brother of Janamejaya the grandson of Abhimanyu and son of Parīkşita II (M. Bh.); a gāndharva; a yakşa (M. Bh.).