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<br>Harihara bhaskara kaaladhi karmamu,
<br>Harihara [[bhaskara]] kaaladhi karmamu,
<br>Lanu madhamula marmamula  neringina,
<br>Lanu madhamula marmamula  neringina,
<br>Harivara  roopudu  hara haya  vinudhudu,
<br>Harivara  roopudu  hara haya  vinudhudu,

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Geetharthamu sangeethanandamu


Saint Thyagaraja

Translated by


Raga Churutti
Thala Aadhi


Geetharthamu sangeethanandamu,
Needhavuna choodara , oh manasa


Seethapathi charanabhjamu nidu konna,
Vtathma juniki bhaga thelusuraa,

Harihara bhaskara kaaladhi karmamu,
Lanu madhamula marmamula neringina,
Harivara roopudu hara haya vinudhudu,
Vara Thyagaraja Varadhdu sukhiraa.

English translation


Oh mind ,see the meaning of Gita,
And the joy of music in Rama.


This is well known to Lord Hanuman,
Who caught hold of the feet of consort of Sita


He assumed a tiny form though,
He knew religions worshipping Shiva, Vishnu and Sun god,
And also knew the dharma with change of time,
He is the form of boon of Rama , he worships Lord Shiva also,
And would shower his blessings on Thyagaraja