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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Indriyarthah, IndriyArthaH, Indriyaarthah


Indriyārthaḥ is a neutral form.


It derives from "indriyāṇāmarthaḥ" which means 'The object of knowledge arising through the senses.'


Its synonyms are:

  1. Viṣayaḥ
  2. Gocaraḥ[1]

Object of Senses

The objects of senses are:

  1. Rūpa - Form
  2. Śabda - Sound
  3. Gandha - Smell
  4. Rasa - Taste
  5. Sparśa - Touch

Thoughts from the Rishi's


"One should not indulge in all the sense-objects out of lust."[2]


“For those who regard pure reputation as their treasure, prize fame above their lives; and what need to say it? Far, far, beyond the objects of pleasure”.[3]


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