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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Irimedah, IrimedaH, Irimedah


Irimedaḥ is a masculine form.


It is derived from "iriṇo hastino meda iva medo yasya" which means 'That whose fat is like the fat of an elephant'.


  1. Vachellia Farnesiana
  2. Arimedaḥ
  3. Viṭkhadiraḥ[1]
  4. Kālaskandhaḥ
  5. Arimedakaḥ

Characteristics As per Bhāvaprakāśa

  1. Astringent in taste
  2. Hot in potency
  3. Cures diseases of oral cavity, teeth and blood.
  4. Diminishes itching and poisonous effects caused by worms
  5. Cures Capha
  6. Prevents skin diseases
  7. Cures inflamed ulcers


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  • Shabdakalpadrumah by Raja Radhakantdev, Varadaprasada Vasu, Haricarana Vasu