Kamakshi stotram

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Sri Kamakshi stotram

Translated by

Refrain to be repeated after every sloka

Kamakshi Mathar namasthe,kama-
Dhanaika dakshe , sthithe Bhaktha pakshe.

My salutations to mother Kamakshi,
who cleverly gives away to the satisfaction
And is always on the side of the devotees.

1.kamarikanthe , kumari, kala kalasya bharthu, kare dhatha hasthe,
Kamaya kama pradhathri, kamakotistha poojye, giram dehi mahyam.

Oh Wife of the enemy of God of love, Oh Lass,
Oh Consort of the killer of God of death,
Oh Goddess who holds her hand in the giving away fashion,
Oh Goddess who gives the God of love his power to induce passion,
Oh goddess worshiped in Kama Koti peeta,
Please give me food to eat.

2.Sri chakra madhye vasanthim, bhootha raksha pisachadhi dushtaan haranthim,
Sri Kama kotyaam jwalanthinm, Kama heenai sugamyam , bhaje dehi vacham.

Oh Goddess who lives in the middle of sri chakra,
Who for protecting the beings kills ghosts and bad people,
Who makes Kama Koti peeta shine and Who makes the desire less to the correct path.

3.Indradhi maanye , sudhanye, Brahma vishnwadhi vandhye, Girrendrasya kanye,
Maanyaan cha manye Thwadanyam manithangrim muneendrai Bhaje matharam thwaam.

Oh Goddess who is respected by indra and others ,
Oh Goddess who is saluted by Brahma and the world,
Oh Goddess who is the daughter of the king of mountains,
You are respected by the respected
And the great sages do not respect any other God except you,
And I sing about you , Oh mother.

3.Simhadhiroode , Namasthe Saadhu hruth padma goode, hathaa sesha moode,
Roodam hara thwam gadham may , kanta sabdham drudam dehi Vagvadhini thwam.

Oh Goddess who rides on Lion, my salutations,
You are in the minds of good people and please strike the remaining fools
Please destroy my diseases and give me firm voice from throat, Oh Goddess of words.

4.Kalyana dathrim , janithrim , kancha pathrabha nethraamm, kala nadhaa vakthraam,
Sri Skanda puthram suvasthram sacharithram Shive thwaam Bhaje dehi vaacham.

Giver of auspiciousness, mother, goddess with eyes like lotus leaf,
Consort of Lord with moon , who has Lord Skanda as her son,
Who wears auspicious cloths and has a divine story,
Oh Goddess Parvathi , I sing about you, please give me words.

5.Chandra peedaam , chathura vadanaam , chanchala panga leelaam,
Kundha smeraam Kucha bhara nathaam, Kundhalodhyutha brungaam,
Maararathe madana shikhinam mamsalam deepayanthim,,
Kamakshim thaam kavi kala giraam Kalpavalleem upase.

You are one who makes moon light painful and one who has a clever face also one whose plays are quivering,
Who smiles like jasmine buds, who bends due to weight of her breasts, Whose hair attracts the bees,
Who is like a fleshy light and passionate pea cock to the enemy of Lord of love,
Oh Kamakshi , the clan of poets imagine you like a wish giving tree.