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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Ksirasvamin, KsirasvAmin, Ksirasvaamin

The Amarakoṣa of Amarasinha (5th century CE) is the most famous one out of all the lexicons in Sanskrit. It has attracted many scholars to comment and expound it. One of the better known commentators is Kṣīra or Kṣīrasvāmin who was a scholar in the court of the king Jayaprada of Kashmir. He might have lived in the 8th century CE. Other sources assign him to 11th century CE. His commentary is known as Amarakosodghātana. Kṣīrasvāmin is said to have composed a commentary on the Dhātupātha of Pāṇini (5th century B. C.) also.


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