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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Lakulisa, LakuliZa, Lakulisha

The Pāśupata sect is a prominent aspect of Śaivism. It is believed that it was started by Lakuliśa or Nakulīśa. He is assumed to be the 28th and the last human incarnation of Lord Śiva. Since he used to hold a lakula or club always, he become famous as Lakuliśa.

The village Karjaṇ near Baroda in Gujarat seems to have been the place where he lived. He had four disciples:

  1. Kuśika
  2. Mitra
  3. Garga
  4. Kauruṣya

The town Jharpatan in Gujarat has a temple dedicated to him. Since the Pāśupata sect had spread in some parts of Gujarat and South India by the 6th century CE. Lakuliśa must have lived much earlier.


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