Maitrāyaṇiya Samhitā

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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Maitrayaniya Samhita, MaitrAyaNiya SamhitA, Maitraayaniya Samhitaa

Maitrāyaṇiya Saihhitā is the Samhitā part of the Krsna Yajurveda. is said to have had 85 śākhās or recensions. However, only four are available now, out of which the Maitrāya- nīya Samhitā is the second. It is a mixture of prose and verses. It has 2144 mantras out of which 1701 have been borrowed from the Rgveda itself. Some of its mantras find a place in the Kāthaka and Taittirlya Samhitās also. This Saihhitā has four kāṇḍas or books, each divided into prapāṭhakas or subsections. The following are the contents: 1. Prathama or Ādima Kānda: It has eleven prapāṭhakas. Some Vedic sacrifices like Darśapurṇamāsa, Cāturmāsya and Vājapeya are described here. 2. Dvitīya or Madhyama Kānda: This contains thirteen prapāṭhakas dealing with some kāmyeṣṭis (desire-motivated sacrifices), Rājasuya and Agniciti (rite of piling the fire-altar). 3. Tṛtīya or Upari Kānda: This com¬prises sixteen prapāṭhakas. Sacrifices like the Aśvamedha and Sautrāmaṇi are described here. 4. Caturtha or Khila Kānda: Con¬taining fourteen prapāṭhakas, this section deals with many important and necessary accessories and rites connected with the sacrifices described in the other three sections.


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