Morning prayer to Sastha (Iyappa)

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Translated by P. R. Ramachander

Dharma Sastha and his incarnation Iyappa, who is the son of Shiva and Vishnu is one of the most poupular Gods of Kerala. His temple is in Sabarimalai.

Loka Veeram, Maha poojyam, sarvam raksha karam vibhum,
Parvathy hrudayanandam, Sastharam Pranamamyaham.

My salutations to Sastha,
Who is the hero of the world,
Who is the one who is the greatest,
Who is the Lord who protects every thing,
And who gives pleasure to the mind of Parvathy

Vipra poojyam, Viswa vandhyam, Vishnur shambho priyam Sutham,
Kshipra prasada niratham Sastharam Pranamamyaham.

My salutations to that Sastha,
Who is woshipped by realized souls,
Who is saluted by the world,
Who is the darling son of Vishnu and Shiva,
And who can always be easily pleased.