Nirṇayasāgara Press

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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Nirnayasagara Press, NirNayasAgara Press, Nirnayasaagara Press

The printing of the scriptural works in the devanāgarī[1] script has always been an arduous task. When the printing presses were still in the early stages of development, much more care was needed to get the final product right. The Nirṇayasāgara Press is one printing press that deserved all the praise.

Started in A. D. 1864, it was situated at 26-28, Kolbhat Street, Bombay-2. It was one of the oldest commercial organisations of India, totally dedicated to the printing and publication of Sanskrit books. Apart from the well-known scriptures it had brought out the literary works also under the Kāvyamālā series.


  1. It is a Sanskrit script.
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