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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Pingalamata, PiGgalAmata, Pingalaamata

Piṅgalāmata literally means ‘knowledge taught to the goddess Piṅgalā by Bhairava-Śiva’.

The Pingalāmata is a work belonging to the group of Śaivāgamas. It is closely associated with the Brahmayāmalatantra. Cast in the form of a dialogue between the goddess Piṅgalā and Bhairava, it comprises of 8000 verses. It deals with the method of establishing a liṅga in a temple. Other subjects described here are:

  1. Definition of a liṅga
  2. Materials used to make it
  3. Places fit for its installation
  4. Qualifications of an ācārya competent to worship it
  5. People who are unfit to do so


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