Poonthanam's Moola Thathwam(Malayalam)

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Moola Thathwam (basic principle)


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(Poonthanam is is one of the greatest Bhakthi poets of Kerala, In this poem , which is philosophical , he tries to trace the cause of Sorrow)

1.Dukhamodukkunna thamburane , Krishna,
Trukkazhal jnan kumibudunnen,=.

Oh Lord Krishna, Who removes sorrow ,
I salute your divine feet.

2.Dukham yeduthathinnu , yenthe moolam-Krishna,
Dukham yeduthathu janmam moolam.

What is basic reason of sorrow-Krishna,
This birth is the basic reason of this sorrow.

3.Janmameduthathinnu yenthe moolam-Krishna,
Janmam yeduthathu karmam moolam

What is the basic reason of this birth-Krishna,
Karma is the basic reason of this birth.

4.Karmam yeduthunnathu=innu yenthe moolam-Krishna,
Karmam yeduthathu Ragam moolam.

What is the basic reason of this Karma-Krishna,
Attachment is the basic cause of Karma.

6.Ragam yeduthathinnu yenthe moolam-Krishna,
Ragam yeduthathu maanam moolam.

What is the basic reason for attachment-Krishna,
Pride is the basic cause of attachment.

7.Manam yeduthathinnu yenthe moolam-Krishna,
THanne ninayaiga manam moolam.

What is the basic reason for pride-Krishna,
Not thinking about self is the basic cause of pride.

8.,THanne ninayayvathinnenthe moolam-Krishna,
Ajnanmaam avivekam moolam.

What is the basic cause of not thinking about oneself –Krishna,
It is due to the thoughtlessness causing ignorance .

9.Jnanam undavathinnu yenthu cheivu-Krishna,
Jnanam undavathu Bhakthi konde

What we should we do to become wise-Krishna,
Wisdom only comes through devotion.

10.Bhakthiyundavathinnu yenthu cheyvoo –Krishna,
Bhakthiyundavu virakthi konde.

What we should do get devotion-Krishna,
Devotion comes due to detachment.

11. Sakthi poyeeduvaan yenthu cheivu-Krishna,
Chithathil nalloru shudhi konde.

How do we remove attachment-Krishna,
It can be achieved only due to purity of mind.

12.Chitha shudhikku jnan yenthu cheyvu-Krishna,
Nalla vazhikkulla sradha cheivu.

What should I do get purity of mind –Krishna,
It can only be got by deep attention to the good path.

13.Sradhayundavathginnu yenthu cheyvu Krishna,
Punya kadhakale keetu kolvu.

What should we do to get deep attention-Kridhna,
It can be got by hearing divine stories.

14.Salkadha kelpathinnu yenthu cheivu-Krishna,
Sajjana sangathi cheythu kolvu.

What should I do to hear divine stories-Krishna,
It can be got by constant contact with holy people.

15.Sajjana sangathikku yenthu cheyvu –Krishna,
Vama pureswarane seva cheyvu.

What should I do cultivate holy people-Krishna,
You do service to the God of Vamapura(Lord Krishna)

16.Vama gehadhipa, Vasudeva, Krishna,
Balagopalaka palaya maam.

Oh Lord of Vamapura , Oh Vasudeva, Oh Krishna,
Oh child cowherd, Please take care of me.

17.Krishana hare jaya, Krishna hare jaya ,
Krishna Hare Jaya, Krishna hare Jaya.

Victory to Lord Vishnu and Krishna,
Victory to Lord Vishnu and Krishna,
Victory to Lord Vishnu and Krishna,
Victory to Lord Vishnu and Krishna,