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His Works Śaṅkara was a prolific writer. He has left behind him a voluminous literature which can be categorised into three groups: Bhāṣyas; Prakaraṇas; and, Stotras. Bhāṣyas are his erudite expositions of the basic works on Vedānta philosophy and Hindu religion. Apart from the ten Upanisads, the Brahamasutras and the Bhagavadgltā (collectively called the prasthānatraya), he has written bhāṣyas on the Visnusahasranāma (vide Mahā¬bhārata, Anuśāsanparva, ch. 149), the Sanatsujatiya (Udyogaparva, ch. 40-45) and the Lalitātriśatī also. As regards the prakaraṇas which are simple treatises on Advaita Vedānta, quite a large number of them have been attributed to him. Of them, the following works are popular: Aparoksānubhuti, Atmabodha, Laghuvākyavrtti, Upadeśa- sāhasri, Vākyavrtti and Vivekacudāmani A very large number of stotras or hymns, on almost all the well-known deities of the Hindus, are ascribed to him. It is rather difficult to segregate a few and declare that they are definitely his. However, the following stotras are defi¬nitely his compositions according to schol¬ars seasoned in Śaṅkara’s style of writing as also other available evidence: Ānanda- lahari, Bhajagovindastotra, Daksinā- mīirtyastaka, Daśaślokī, Gopālāstaka, Harimldestotra, Manīsāpañcaka, Siva- bhujañgaprayāta, Sopānapañcaka and Visnusatpadi. Apart from these, two works on tantra—the Prapañcasāra and the Saundaryalaharī—are also attributed to him.