Thulasi aarthi (Hindi)

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Sri Tulasi-aarthi

By Candrasekhara Kavi

Translated by P.R.Ramachander

(Here is a simple prayer in Hindi addressed to the sacred basil (Ocimum sanctum). Here she is addreesed as queen Thulasi.)
1.Namo namah thulasi maharani, Vrnde maharani namo namah Namo re namo re meiya namo Narayani

Salutations and salutations to queen Thulasi,
Salutations and salutations to queen Vrinda,
Salutations and salutations to our mother Narayani.

2.Jako darase, sparase agha-nasa-i Mahima beda-purane bakhani

From those who touches or sees her, she removes sins.
And her greatness is told in Vedas and Puranas.
3.Jako pathra, manjari komala sri pati charana kamale lapatani dhanya tulasi meiya, purana tapa kiye, Sri salagrama maha patarani

Your leaves and pretty flowers,
Have entwined with legs of Lord Vishnu,
And so blessed mother Thulasi , by doing great penance,
You became the chief queen of Salagrama stone.
4. Dhupa, deepa, naivedya, aarati, Phulana kiye varakha varakhani Chapanna bhoga, chatrisa byanjana, bina tulasi prabhu eka nahi man

The Lord becomes glad and showers his mercy if
Incense , lamp, food offering , lamp worship are offered.
But when Fifty six variety of feasts , thirty six varieties of light food,
Are offered to him without Thulasi he does not accept it.
5.Siva suka narada, aura brahmadiko, Dhurata phirata maha-muni jnani Candrasekhara meiya, tera jasa gaowe Bhakati-dane dijiye maharani

Lord Shiva and Brahma and great and wise sages
Like Shuka and Narada do perambulations around you,
And Oh mother this Chandrashekara is singing your praise,
And Oh queen, give me the charity of your devotion.

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