Vandhe Bhagwatham

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Vandhe Bhagawatham

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1.Veda kalpatharu suphalam , Veda Vyasa krutham,
Pranamami thwam Pranamami

The wish giving tree of Vedas which was composed by Veda Vyasa,
I salute you , I salute you.

2.Sri Shuka keera mukha Achyutha Krishna mahitham,
Dwadasa divya skandham, Jnana virathi sahitham,
Pranamami thwam Pramami

The esteemed book on Achyutha Krishna from the mouth of Shukha the parrot,
Which has twelve divine chapters along with wisdom and detachment,
I salute you, I salute you.

3,Brahma sarga manvanthara kapilathika jushtam,
Druva prahladhaka charithram bhavukatha pushtam,
Pranamami thwam Pranamami

It deals with Brahma’s creation, the rule of Manus and also about Kapila,
Along with auspicious stories of Druva and Prahalada
I salute you, I salute you.

4.Parama Bhagawatha su yaso gajapathi Sowbhaghyam,
Sindhu madana bali dhanam, vilasitha vairaghyam ,
Pranamami thwam Pranamami

It deals with the The luck of the very famous Lord of elephants who is greatly learned,
The great sacrifice of churning of the ocean with the shining detachment,
I salute you , I salute you.

5.Visada Bhagwat avathaaram Rama Gunaaramam,
Punya sloka sukeerthyaa pooritha jana kaamam,
Pranamami thwam Pranamami

It is a detailed account of incarnation of Rama with all good qualities,
Sung in auspicious poetic stanzas which fulfill the desire of people,
I salute you, I salute you.

6.Krishna Kadamrutha sindhum, Vangmaya roopa harim,
Sraya Hari leela lalitham Bhava nidhi dhivya tharim,
Pranamami thwam Pranamami

It is the sea of nectar of the stories of Krishna, The word picture of Lord Hari,
The story of the playful sports of Lord Hari, the treasure like divine boat to cross the Karmic sea,
I salute you , I salute you.

7.Sravanaadhyasya Parikshith golokam Yatha,
Giridhara Hrudayam BHagwan paavaya karunatha,
Pranamami thwam Pranamami

Hearing which king Parikshith went to the Land of Vishnu(Golokam)
And by which , the God who lifted the ,mountain cleanses our heart by his mercy,
I salute you, I salute you.