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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Vinata, VinatA, Vinataa

Vinatā was a daughter of Dakṣaprajāpatī. She was one of the 13 wives of the sage Kaśyapa. Aruṇa, the charioteer of Surya[1] and Garuḍa[2] were her sons. Since her pregnancy had lasted too long, she is said to have pressed her belly. As a result, the baby inside, i.e. Aruṇa, was deformed. He was born without the thighs. Hence he was named ‘Anuru.’[3] Once she lost a bet with her co-wife Kadru. She had to become her slave. Garuḍa released her from slavery by getting Kadru what she wanted.


  1. Surya means the Sun-god.
  2. Garuḍa is the eagle-mount of Viṣṇu.
  3. Anuru means the one without thighs.
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