Vishnu Mamashtakam

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Vishnu namashtakam

(The eight names of Vishnu)

From Vamana Purana

Translated by

1.Achyutham, Kesavam , Vishnum , Hari , Sathyam, Janardhanam,
Hamsam Narayanam chaiva methan namashtakam padeth

1.He who does not slip , He in whom Lords Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma reside ,
He who is peace , He who removes birth and death cycle,
He who is the truth , He who troubles bad people ,
He who in the state of Hamsa , He who resides in all things
If one reads these eight names.
*sleep, dream, wakefulness and Hamsa are the four states.

2.Trisandhyam ya paden nithyam , daridryam thasya nasyathi ,
Sathru sainyam kshayam yaathi , Duswapna Sukhadho Bhaveth.

If this is daily read in the dawn , noon and dusk , his poverty would be destroyed,
The enemy army would get weakened and Bad dreams would give good results.

3.Gangayaam maranam chaiva , druda bhakthisthu Kesave ,
Brahma Vidhya prabodascha thasmad nithyam paden nara.

He who reads it daily would get death in the Ganges ,
Have stable faith in Kesava and would be a master of Brahma vidhya.