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By Jit Majumdar

  1. endowed by Brahmā
  2. endowed by the Divine
  3. a King of Kāśi who features repeatedly in the Jātaka (rebirth/ reincarnation) tales of Buddhist literature (Kathā. Sāgara/ Jātaka); a prince of the Pāñcāla Kingdom (M.Bh.); the 12th cakravartin, or a sovereign universal ruler (A. Kośa); the king of Kāmpilya from the Solar Dyansty, who was the son of Anuhā and Kŗtvī (V. Rām.) a king of Kāmpilya who was the father of Kŗşņadatta (M. Bh.); the king of Śālva and the father of Hańsa and Dimbaka (Hari. Purāņa).