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By Swami Harshananda

Brahmapura literally means ‘city of Brahman’.

This word has been used in the Upaniṣads in several senses. Just as a city (pura = city) full of people and various goods supplies the needs of the king, this body of several limbs and sense-organs supplies the needs of Brahman who resides in it in the form of the jīva or the individual soul. Hence it is called ‘brahmapura’ or ‘the city of Brahman’.[1]

Sometimes the word is also applied to the ‘lotus of the heart’ (hṛdayapuṇḍarīka—the psychic heart, where meditation is practiced) since it ‘houses’ Brahman; i.e., Brahman is realized there by the meditating on it.[2]


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