Kanjirakkatu Vaidyanathan temple

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By P.R.Ramachander

This temple of God Vaidyanatha (the Lord of doctors) is situated on a hill top near The Thaliparamba town(20 km from Kannur of Malabar) . It is believed that a king called Sathasaoman established this temple There is a belief that in ancient days a sage got affected by leprosy and as per the advice of Lord Garuda , he came to this temple and did penance to the god and got rid of the disease.
The most important ritual of the temple is Dhara (ceremonial pouring of water on the Shiva Lingam). Since this temple is supposed to have the power of Sun God instilled in it, Sunday is the most important day of worship in this temple .Most of the devotees of the temple either do not take any food on Sunday (Upavasa) or take only one main meals (Orikkal) . There are several stories of people getting cured of incurable diseases by praying at this temple.
Many people afflicted by skin diseases regularly come to this temple and by performing Dhara get cured of their diseases.