Nachtha aaye Sri Venkatesa

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Nachatha Aye Shree Venkatesha
(Venkatesa came dancing)

Composed by
Prof B.Ramamurthy Rao

Translated by


Ragam : Yaman Thalam  : Kerva

Nachatha aye shree venkatesha
Keerthana gaaye shree anjaneya
Bhaktha samaj milkara gaaye

Venkatesa came dancing,
Hanuman sang songs,

And along with him devotees also sang

Govinda hari hari naarayana
Govinda hari hari shree venkatesha
Jaya venkatesha jaya seetharaama

Govinda hari hari naarayana
Govinda hari hari shree venkatesha
Victory to Venkatesa, Victory to Seeta Rama.

Shreemantha shreekantha gunavantha bhagavantha
Balavantha jagavandhya hanumantha raama
Kamaari kaarunya lavanya varenya
Devesha bhuvanesha varasesha jagadeesha
Bhujagesha kamalesha lakshmisha venkatesha (Govinda hari)

He is great and holy, husband of Lakshmi, He has good character and is the God,
He is strong, saluted by the world and is Rama along with Hanuman,
He is the enemy of desire and is merciful, pretty and desirable,
He is the lord of devas, lord of the earth, one who blesses Sesha and is the God of the universe,
He is the lord of serpents, lord of lotus, lord of Lakshmi and is Venkatesa.

(madhyama kalam)

Bhaktha vathsala bhaktha bandava
Bhaktha paradheena
Bhaktha kaarunya bhakthi laavanya
Bhaktha sharanya guna dhaama

He loves devotees and is the friend of devotees,
He is divine and attainable by devotees,
He is merciful towards devotees and is pretty to them,
He is treasure of all that is good, to whom devotees surrender

Shanka chakra yudha shankaraadhinutha
Bhakthi mukthi nutha shree raamaa
Kinkaraadhi jana shankatadhi hara
Venkataadhrivara raghuraamaa
Kama krodha jitha loba mohahatha krishndasanutha sreeraamaa
Sakala bhuvana abhaya varada shravana jyothi niratha jwalitha

He holds the conch and wheel and is worshipped by Shiva and others,
He is Sri Rama who gives salvation through devotion,
Who removes things like sorrow from those who serve him,
He is the blessed Raghu Rama of Venkatadhri,
He has won over passion and anger, puts an end to avarice and passion,
He is Sri Rama to whom Krishna dasa is a devotee,
He gives protection to the entire world,
And shines in the lamp festival of Shravana month.