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I was born in a traditional Brahmin family of Varanasi in 1952 where sanskrit study was pursued by at least one person in each generation. 14 years before my birth, my father was trying to learn modern math for astronomical meaning of Vedas. Then a Tamil saint asked him not to try learning math at advanced age and write Vedic Dictionary from his existing knowledge. To fulfil his desire for astronomical meaning, the saint blessed that a son born 14 years later will explain astronomical meaning of vedas. Words of Saints are fulfilled in 60 years, and I completed mathematical commentary on Siddhanta-darpana in 1998. During that commentary, I was drawn to vedic cosmology explained on basis of sankhya, pusrush-sukta, pancharatra, and surya-siddhanta-all 4 combined. This forced me to study Vedic cosmology, 6 darshana and 6 darsha-vak (scripts), astronomical meanings of Rudra, Vedic Sansthas and changes in words and their meanings. Biggest guidance came from works of Pandit Madhusudan Ojha and his student Motilal Sharma. On verifying their description mathematically, I concluded 7 yugas, 7 yojanas and 9 units of time. This combined with 18 vol history by BHISHMA, I got an idea of Indian History from 62000 BC. This needed unification of Jain astronomy, Veda and puranas. This clealy gives idea of common Jain and Vedic tradition and tallies with glacial cycles more closely than any theory. Indian measures of space and time also are more accurate than any modern measure and give a new insight to cosmology, overlooked in modern times. I intend to write complete comentary on Taittiriya samhita. In that direction, I have written about 35 research papers and books like -Sankhya siddhanta and Vedic view of Sri Jagannatha.