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Śāñkhāyana Āraṇyaka

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

By Swami Harshananda

Śāñkhāyana Āraṇyaka is a part of the Śāñkhāyana Brāhmaṇa, which is better known as Kausitaki Brāhmaṇa. This Āraṇyaka follows the Aitareya Āranyaka closely. There are 15 adhyāyas or chapters containing 137 khaṇdas or sections.

The first two adhyāyas deal with the Vedic rite called mahāvrata. The sixth adhyāya refers to the countries or areas such as Uśīnara, Matsya, Kāśī, Videha and Kurupāñcāla. The thirteenth adhyāya contains much material taken from the Bṛhadāranyaka Upaniṣad. The long list of teachers given includes the names of Kahola Kauṣītaki, Uddālaka Arum, Soma Prātiveśya and others who are found in the Upaniṣads also.


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