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Abhirami Sthuthi(Tamil)

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Abhirami Sthuthi (Tamil)
(The prayer to Abhirami)

Translated by
P.R. Ramachander

( This great , short and sweet prayer was taken from a book called “Durga-Amba stotrangal” published by the Rathnagireswarar temple of Beasant Nagar , Madras.)

1.Anbe Shivamai amarnthiruppal , Annai Abhirami ,
AAruthal cholli amutham pozhival Annai Abhirami.

The mother Abhirami would sit with Love as Lord Shiva,
The mother Abhirami would console us and shower nectar on us.
2.Inbhuvi inbam yellam tharuvaal Annai Parashakthi ,
Eedillatha sakshiyai iruppal Annai Abhirami.

Mother Parasakthi will give a pleasant earth and happy life ,
Mother Abhirami would be an incomparable witness.

3.Uyarvu thaazhvu ondrum paraal Annai Parasakthi,
OOkam irunthaal podume enbal Annai Abhirami

Mother Parasakthi not bother about superior or inferior.
Mother Abhirami would say , if you have enthusiasm , it is enough.

4.Engum niraintha jothiyai iruppal Annai Parasakthi,
Yeaksharamai yengum iruppal Annai Abhirami.

Mother Parasakthi would be the light that fills everywhere,
Mother Abhirami would be everywhere as one letter.

5.Iynkaranadhanai aadhiyil thanthaal Annai Parashakthi,
Odyana peedathil amarvaal Annai Kamakshi.

Mother Parasakthi gave us Lord Ganapathi the lord with five arms in the beginning,
The mother Kamakshi would sit in the circular stage .

6.Om om endral odiye varuvaal Annai Parasakthi
Om Om yendral aadiye varuval Annai Abhirami

When we say “Om, OM”. The mother Parasakthi will come running,
When we say “Om, Om” , the mother Abhirami will come dancing

Abhirami- The Goddess who is pretty every instant
Parashakthi - The Goddess who is the divine power
Kamakshi- The Goddess whose sight fulfills our desires.