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By Swami Harshananada

Adṛṣṭa literally means ‘the unseen’.

Adṛṣṭa refers to the unseen power that guides human destiny. Success or failure depends on the consonance of this power with our efforts.

This word is used in the sense of ‘karma’ or fate (the consequence of actions, good or bad, done in the previous lives). The word is sometimes used to indicate only merit, accruing to the performer of good deeds. Some schools use it in the sense of blind destiny.

The Purva-mīmāmsā system, however, employs it in a technical sense as equivalent to ‘apurva,’ the unseen effect of sacrificial rites producing the desired results for the performer in his future life.

Adṛṣṭa resides in the subtle body of the soul unfolding its results at the appropriate time in future or in future life. Its power is irresistible and incomprehensible by ordinary consciousness.


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