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Amma Kannu Pattu

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Amma Kannu Pattu

Mahakavi Bharathiyar,

Translated by


1.Poottai thirappathu kaiyale-Nalla,
Manam thirappathu mathiyale,
Pattai thirappathu pannale-Inba,
Veetai thirappathu pennale

2.Yettai thurappathu kaiyale-mana,
Veetai thudaippathu meyyale,
Vettai adippathu villale-anbu,
Kottai pidippathu sollale

3, Kathai adaipathu manathale-Indha,
Kayathai kappathu cheykayale,
Chothai pusippathu vaayale-uyir
Thunivuruvathu thaayale

English translation

1.The lock would be opened by the hand,
The mind would be opened by the brain,
The songs would be opened by tunes,
And a happy house would be opened by a lady.

2.The slate would be cleaned by hands,
The house would be cleaned by the truth,
A good hunting would be done by a bow,
And a castle of love would be caught by words.

3.Air would be filled up by the mind,
This body would be protected by actions,
Food would be taken by mouth,
And the soul would gain courage by the mother.