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By Swami Harshananda

Anadhyāya, Anadhyayana literally means ‘not studying the Vedas.

All those who labor need rest. The system of holidays and vacations is as old as mankind. The Vedic students and their teachers were no exception.

Adhyayana or Vedic studies were to be pursued according to some rules and regulations set by tradition. On certain specified days, the ācārya would not teach. Such days were known as anadhyāya or days of anadhyayana. However, on such days the students were expected to revise their lessons, to do cintana and manana (reflection) and even get guidance from the senior students.

Days of anadhyāya are :

  1. Pratipad
  2. Aṣṭamī
  3. Caturdaśī
  4. Purṇimā
  5. Amāvāsyā
  6. Days of saṅkramaṇa.

These are according to the lunar calendar - the 1st, 8th and 14th days after new-moon and full-moon; and the days on which the sun enters the next sign of the zodiac.


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