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Animisha karo Govinda Keerthanam

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Animisha Karu Manu Govinda Keerthan

(Every minute, sing about Govinda)

Composed by
Prof B.Ramamurthy Rao

Translated by


Ragam : Hamir Kalyan Thalam  : Adhi


Animisha karu manu govinda keerthan
Animitha bandu kali kalmasha hara (Animisha)

Every minute sing about Govinda,
The relation without cause who destroys ills of Kali age.


Amrutha vakya adbutha roopa
Ananda shravana jyothi swaroopa (Animisha)

You have nectar like words and a wonderful form,
You are a joy to hear and are the form of a flame.


Pavamana sahitha anumanu rahitha
Paripoorna govinda ananda roopa
Parandama sadanu nischala nirmala
Sri Krishna dasa samadi nidanam (Animisha)

Without any hesitation accompanied by Hanuman,
You are complete form of Joy, Oh Govinda,
You are the great God who is stable and pure,
And you are the goal of the samadhi of Krishna dasa

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