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By Jit Majumdar

  1. bright; luminous; radiant
  2. handsome; lovely; fair; comely
  3. the moon; a pearl; silver; the number one
  4. the moon personified as the deity Candra created from the cosmic ocean and the presiding deity of the drink soma (Sp. Br.); a king of the Solar dynasty who was the son of Viśvagandhi and father of Yuvanāśva (M. Bh.); the moon god as the son of Atri and Anusuyā whose wives were the 27 daughters of the prajāpati Dakşa, and who is the presiding deity for herbs and medicines (BrV. Pur.); the medicinal plant Bryonopsis laciniosa, popularly known as the lollipop plant or shivlingi.

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