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Chamravattathu Maha Sastha temple

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By P.R.Ramachander

This is a famous temple of Sastha which is about 12-15 km from Thirur , in Malabar on the shores of Bharatha Puzha(Nila river) The temple can also be reached by a country boat from Ponnani village , The temple is that of Sastha and is believed to be built by the legendary Perum Thachan. Sastha was the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and has two wives. These wives are called Poorna and Pushkala in some parts and Prabha and Sathyaka in other parts. Lord Ayyappa who is an incarnation of Sastha was the prince of Pandalam and remained Unmarried. Apart from Kerala there are many Sastha temples in Thirunel Veli district of Tamil Nadu.

In Chamravattom temple the God is consecrated at the level of the river though the temple is in slightly higher grounds. During rainy season , the flood water enters the temple and sub merges the idol. There are several stories which describe the power of this God. People believe that worshipping God Sastha in Chamravattom on Saturdays would help them get rid of the evil effects of the bad times caused by the planet Saturn.

People believe that the Thamarakulangara Sastha temple near Tripunithura is an extension of this temple.

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